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Frequently Asked Questions

Anything we've missed? Please contact us via email at hello@wordbits.com.au with any questions and we'll respond as soon as possible.



For a gift or small noticeboard 1 set is ideal. For households looking to write words and sentences we recommend 2-3 sets in order to be able to spell without too many restrictions.

Each set contains 60 letters and characters:


No. Wordbits are BPA and phthalate free. We have passed European Union REACH testing for safety.

We are currently focussed on specialist design and stationery stores. If you think your store would be a good fit for Wordbits please get in touch via email and tell us a bit more about your store.

Small, strong magnets such as the neodymium ones in Wordbits are highly regulated due to cases in the past where children have swallowed magnets which stuck together across intestines. In the USA & Canada they are restricted to age 12+ and the rest of the world 14+.


Wordbits are made from ABS plastic, the most durable, nearly impossible to break kind. Black Wordbits are made using post-consumer recycled ABS plastic. We are working on environmentally friendly alternatives for the rest of our colours too.

We work with a series of small factories in China. While we researched manufacturing elsewhere (i.e in Europe) it was clear that China is the best place to manufacture a product like ours due to their extensive experience and being a large producer of raw material for magnets.


We ship the majority of our orders from Victoria in Australia.

And if you are purchasing from Europe your purchase will come from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Please see our Shipping Policy for the most up-to-date details.